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Why is this page so white and simple. That is because I wish to emphasize that I believe that the graphic design should never overpower the subject or the content of a given publication. It is easy enough to fill a space with all the possibilities that todays technology offers, but in between you see books, folders or websites where the graphic designer has taken over the leading part and thereby making it difficult to see or concentrate on the real issue.

I have worked with graphic design and especially with book design for many years now. In the beginning it was my textile career that led to books, catalogues, posters and as I learned the basics of both graphic design, editing and translations it took up more and more of my time. For many years I worked as an extern graphic designer, editor and translator by a big Danish publishing company.

Now I work freelance and design books, catalogues and so on, and I also design and maintain websites.

Charlotte Yde

Y .Design